If your project has the potential to disturb naturally occurring biotic resources it will be necessary to conduct a biological assessment to meet the requirements of CEQA and NEPA.

The essence of the question is whether biological assessmentor not your project has a potential biological impact upon the proposed site. If your project requires the acquisition of property we strongly recommend you conduct an assessment as part of your due diligence before you are legally bound to complete the transaction.

Failure to do so can potentially lead to a financial disaster.

Each location and project is unique. Our goal is to provide an assessment that identifies resources and uses a common-sense approach to avoiding or mitigating those resources if needed. In some fortunate instances, the analysis may consist of several hours at a desk.

Others may require a wide-ranging, multi-species assessment that covers the entire site. It is not unusual that an EIR will be required under CEQA and we have the experience and skills to handle this task for you.

Beyond preparation and submission of reports, we also provide expert input relating to the practical impact of the biological assessment results and the best options for your project.

Perhaps most importantly, we have the relationships in place to work with regulatory agency representatives and together fashion mutually satisfactory and workable solutions.

We look forward to talking with you and explaining how we can help you conduct an environmental risk assessment concerning the potential biological impact of your project and then work with you to determine the best plan to go forward.