Submittal of a Storm Water Permit application and a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) is required for every construction project. As regulations relating to SWPPP continue to expand and overlap to an even greater extent, both the enforcement agency personnel and project owners and their advisors are struggling to maintain predictable standards. In this uncertain setting, it is crucial that you have a solid stormwater management plan.

stormwaterThe SWPPP also requires an Erosion Control Plan (ECP). The ECP contains a site map depicting your project’s construction site perimeter, existing and proposed buildings, lots, roadways, stormwater collection and discharge point, and what the topography will appear both before and after construction. It will also list the proposed BMPs and where they will be located on your site.

We will help you develop a SWPPP and ECP that is specifically tailored to your project’s requirements.

You can initiate the construction activity with confidence because we will ensure that all the required documentation is accurately generated and submitted on a timely basis. We will also suggest how you can employ BMPs to satisfy the SWPPP and keep costs under control.

The permitting authority may require sampling and maintenance plans to be put in place to monitor ongoing compliance. Depending upon the project’s specifics, several monitoring programs may be required, including visual, chemical, sediment, etc. We can assist with setting these up, training your personnel on how to handle various monitoring tasks, and preserve the recorded data. We will then use the data to write and submit required reports, and also make updates to the plan as needed.

The SWPPP is an especially crucial document for clients and we strongly recommend you seek expert help in assuring your project is compliant. Give us a call and we can explain if and how the SWPPP requirements will impact your project.