Obtaining approval for your project is an undertaking with a lot of moving parts. In addition to its inherent complexity, the process is uncertain. For example, the environmental project manager may be thrown a curve ball when an abandoned underground tank or unidentified bones are discovered by a backhoe operator.

environmental project management servicesWhether you are a developer who is looking to move into escrow on a new property or a local road department seeking to expand your facilities, we strongly advise that you do not move forward until you have engaged the services of a sound environmental consulting firm. The environmental budget is one of the most overlooked costs for projects in California.

The consultant should be one who is familiar with the region, has relationships with local representatives from the various regulatory agencies, and who has a successful track record obtaining permits in your area.

There are three distinct project phases that must be managed. The first is the initial activities such as acquisition of land, “impact” studies and surveys, risk assessment, and initiating the application and approval permit process. Competent project management ensures all these steps are coordinated and tracked; necessary documentation is accurate and submitted in a timely manner, adjustments made as necessary, and tasks completed as planned.

Once the go-ahead is received, phase two construction begins. The project manager must ensure there is a seamless transition between phase one and two and then stay on top of the construction process so that all documentation is generated and submitted as needed, communication is kept open with all the stakeholders, and those mitigation activities and all regulatory requirements are adhered to.

The third phase is, after all, is constructed and mitigation monitoring is required. Not all projects require this phase, but if you have an impact, you must mitigate it. Selecting the most cost-effective mitigation plan is key to protecting the project’s bottom line.

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