A recent example of the projects we have done includes a dam near Fresno. One component of the project was constructing a new road through the channel of an existing creek. From the very beginning of the project planning, process options were explored to mitigate the disruption that would occur to the natural course of the creek and a number of natural growth trees growing along the banks.

MA Co 450 Bridge ProjectAfter discussion and due consideration by the responsible governing agencies, a mitigation plan was negotiated and approved and permits were issued. Once construction was completed and the creek had been diverted and re-channeled,

We supervised the planting of 105 riparian trees along the creek’s new location.

In addition to the planting, we are also involved with monitoring and maintenance during the post-construction phase for a period of five years. After reviewing the results of the monitoring protocol, we will write the analysis documents and submit annually submit them to the appropriate agencies as required.

Other engagements include a number of transportation projects throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Additionally, we have provided environmental services for many construction projects, especially new homes as well as projects related to updating, modifying, and expanding the physical facilities of both business and public organizations.

Whatever the nature of the project, if it is determined that going forward it will have a negative impact upon the natural or archaeological/historical environment, the project will require a range of approvals and permits. Relevant considerations can range from large, overarching concerns such as air and water quality, to more specific challenges like erosion or dust control all the way down to very narrow tasks such as e.g. graffiti removal and weed eating and control.

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