Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and El Nino

Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans and El NinoA month into the storm season and its true- El Nino is here! No doubt this is excellent for California, but construction companies might be having a hard time keeping in compliance with the California Water Board regulations. With more rain comes more stormwater, and more chances for costly violations. Under the Clean Water Act and the Construction General Permit, adhering to regulations is a lot of work in an El Nino storm season. Constructions programs need to keep their Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) up to date and their construction sites prepared for large amounts of rain. Conducting visual monitoring programs includes pre-storm, during storm, and post-storm inspections and can take up a lot of time. Other actions, including sampling discharge and preparing a Rain Event Action Plan (REAP) to keep in compliance can cost you a lot of time and money, especially if something is not done right.

Compliance Solutions, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to write and update the SWPPP for your proposed project and perform anything and everything needed during your project to adhere to regulations. We have crews that can install the Best Management Practices (BMPs) needed to keep sediment on your project site to keep stormwater runoff clean as well as perform maintenance at your project site to maintain compliance with the General Permit. We are familiar with the regulatory actions needed and will guide your project along every step of the way. In El Nino weather, its only logical to outsource to a company specializing in stormwater compliance. Give us a call at (559) 325-9583.

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