It is impossible for anyone who isn’t an environmental expert to even begin to get their arms around the over 1,000,000 pages(!) of federal, state, and local regulations and explanations thereof.

However, environmental compliance training for you and/or your personnel is not only required by your permits but is also available and effective for specific areas and/or tasks. There are also instances during the construction or installation phase when we will conduct additional pieces of training to contractors and their subcontractors to ensure the work they do meets all applicable regulatory conditions.

Environmental compliance trainingOnce your project is complete there may be ongoing requirements related to ensuring there are no environmental impacts from future operations. We will help you stay within approved parameters.

When and how to monitor various activities, implementing BMPs, entering and saving required documentation, and ensuring that while your personnel may not have all the answers during regulatory inspections, they will know where to direct the agency, are examples of tasks we can train you or your staff to handle.

Bringing this in–house not only reduces your costs, but it also helps to avoid surprises because it will periodically focus your attention upon whether you are staying within the applicable environmental limitations and not-to-exceed thresholds.

Environmental compliance training is conducted in two basic formats. One is “hands-on” where we will demonstrate the, e.g. monitoring activity or technique such as BMP installation in the field, or walk the job with personnel identifying problem areas and remedies.

The other is where we will teach personnel in a “classroom” format.

An example is SWPPP training where we explain regulatory authority, navigating the project-specific permits, or simply how certain BMPs can be implemented to reduce construction costs as they relate to the project’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan.