environmental solutionsAt times we have clients that tell us they don’t need to do anything, their project doesn’t qualify for permits. We really want to emphasize that the old adage is not true in this case. You must ask for permission, because asking for forgiveness is going to cost you money. The largest fine we have negotiated for a client to date started at 2.5 million U.S. dollars! And for the record, they got the fine before we met them and they called us to help them through it. In the long run they paid a small portion of that initial fine and they are now a long-term client we are glad to have on board!

If you want to do some research on your own before giving us a call, we recommend visiting the following websites:

California Environmental Protection Agency


California Regional Water Quality Control Board Regulations


California Department of Fish and Wildlife


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Regulatory Program and Permits Frequently Asked Questions

San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District


Remember the following points when developing your project:

  1. All projects require some type of environmental clearance.
  2. All projects require Best Management Practices regardless of size or type.
  3. The permit process takes time, so plan ahead! We can’t get agencies to issue permits in less than 30 days, and often it takes longer!  They are backlogged, overworked and understaffed too!
  4. Permitting doesn’t end with your final landscape, often projects require mitigation that extends for years past the last nail and screw being installed.
  5. Preventative measures save you time and money!
  6. Training Contractors and Sub-Contractors is like buying insurance, not only can you say I told you so, but you have their signature saying they agree to compliance with your permits!
  7. Not all Plans are the same. Many Engineers, companies and consultants develop your plans from the plan room using online tools and generalizations. This may save money in the plan write, but will cost you in the long run with non-project specific credit opportunities. We select the BMPs that fit your site, when where and how to install them.
  8. Trusting relationships is the key to good business. We are here to make money too, but wasting our client’s money is bad business, we treat our clients checkbook like it’s our checkbook and we don’t like to write unnecessary checks!

Environmental Solutions and Consultancy

As overwhelming as this may all seem, it’s not something you can’t navigate, we prefer you use us to help lighten the load, and we will lighten wherever you need. We take care of our clients, and they take care of us. We value the relationships we build and are very proud that the majority of our growth has been through referral. This is our new website, if you stumbled upon this website because it popped up and you need our services, tell us so we can thank our site developer and of course……Welcome!