The CEQA process for Construction Projects

ceqa process, environmentally friendly projectsIn the Construction world there are two main goals for builders:

  1. Maintain the Schedule and;
  2. Stay on Budget.

All too often many projects find themselves starting late and breaking budgets because of the overwhelming policy, rules, and regulations in California.

They almost seem to come out of the woodwork after you’ve started your project. The California Environmental Quality Act or CEQA as it is called is one of the biggest hits to a project that if Builders and Agencies aren’t prepared to tackle the CEQA process, a project can be stopped in its tracks.

The CEQA process mitigates the environmental impacts that your project is responsible for. If executed poorly, it can be one of the easiest ways for environmental interest groups to stop your project or take a piece of your pie.

Lawsuits range from inadequate research and studies, insufficient mitigation, to simply the potential for impact on the public and/or public resources.

CEQA sets forth a guideline for looking at environmental impacts on your project.

It can range from counting frogs to mitigating air quality impacts on a local rest home. It covers hazardous waste, cultural resources, water quality as well as a multitude of other essential environmental subjects.

The most important thing an owner can do is hire a competent biological firm like Compliance Solutions to scope the project before any major finances are spent. This could be as early as before the property is ever purchased.

A little bit of work on the front side can really save your backside.

Call Compliance Solutions at (559) 325-9583 or provide us details on your project so we can prepare a project quote for you.

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