Construction Project Management and the Environmental Process

construction project managementSuccess or Failure of a project relies heavily on the team of people involved in all phases of the construction process. Not only is a strong internal Construction Project Management Team essential, but a solid consultant Project Management Team is second to none.

With today’s laundry list of regulatory requirements, it doesn’t take long to figure out projects are no longer the do it yourself; in house works of art of old. They take Consultants, Engineers, Managers, Regulatory Agencies and local governmental agencies to get from planning to product.

Did you know that most projects are thought of 10-20 years prior in a City’s or County’s Master Plan? Well maybe not your project specifically, but definitely the type of land use allowed for your project. They also regulate when that Land Use changes or can be developed. It’s up to the developer to follow the City/County master plan and to ensure that no resources are taken without being mitigated.

As a key outsource element in your Project Management Team Compliance Solutions Inc. has formed a team of Environmental specialists that can help you get through CEQA, NEPA, Storm Water Quality, Air Quality Permitting, Biological Studies, Pre-Project Scoping, Construction and General Contractor Management, Mitigation Monitoring, Inspection, Training etc. Check out our services page on our website.

Ultimately keeping track of all of California’s regulations is like juggling 10 balls at once. You need to be able to pass them out in order to successfully Manage your Construction Project.

After all, the only person you ever see trying to juggle that many balls is at the circus and there is a reason we call them clowns.

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