Storm Water Inspections: Part of SWPPP

Storm Water InspectionsThe California State Requirements to have SWP inspections by a qualified QSP are finally becoming a well-known necessity to builders. Where in the past, they weren’t even considered a part of the bidding process, Storm Water Inspections, or SWPPP is now part of the bid documents that Developers require their contractors to review before bidding their projects. Often times Developers require their contractors to sub-contract the inspector and include those fees in the overall contract.

Inspecting a project for storm water violations is more complex than most realize. There is a myriad of chemicals used on constructions sites, from treated woods, to concrete, to masonry. Paint washout, to landscape products, to leaking vehicles. It’s not hard to find sources for potential fines on any given construction site without a solid storm water inspection and maintenance program.

CSI Inspection staff is trained to help our clients avoid the pitfalls of non-compliance. The inspection report is a snapshot of the overall storm water “health” of your project. It is necessary that the Developer of project and not just the General Contractor review inspections. Each storm water inspection is submitted to the Client by CSI and that allows the opportunity of our clients to make adjustments or corrections before they become violations that potentially could be costly.

Storm Water Inspections

The Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) also conducts Storm Water Inspections randomly throughout the state. This random inspection process captures many Contractors ill prepared. Not only will violations such as leaks and spills warrant heavy fines or cessation of permit, but lack of proper paperwork can also stop your project dead in its tracks.

Every violation can be assessed at $10,000.00 per day. The RWQCB assesses these fines based on negligence and severity. What’s worse is one of these violations would likely cover the cost of inspections for a year. That’s a roll of the dice that doesn’t make sense.

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