Storm Water Inspections: Part of SWPPP

The California State Requirements to have SWP inspections by a qualified QSP are finally becoming a well-known necessity to builders. Where in the past, they weren’t even considered a part of the bidding process, Storm Water Inspections, or SWPPP is … Continued

The CEQA process for Construction Projects

ceqa process, environmentally friendly projects

In the Construction world there are two main goals for builders: Maintain the Schedule and; Stay on Budget. All too often many projects find themselves starting late and breaking budgets because of the overwhelming policy, rules, and regulations in California. … Continued

Hydroseeding and Erosion Control

erosion control

All construction projects in California are required to adhere to erosion control standards as set out by state and federal regulations. The goal of hydroseeding and erosion control is to minimize or eliminate the environmental impact of run-off, which can … Continued

Environmental Permit Specialists

It’s rare that your project will only require one environmental permit.  More typically, several are required and, in the instance of a manufacturing or production facility the necessary permits may number in the dozens.

Biological Assessments and Monitoring

A Biological Assessment is a component of EIR and EIS reports in accordance with NEPA and CEQA.  Its purpose is to determine if your project activities “may affect” any protected listed plant or animal species native to your geographic location.